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Furniture made of root for your home, garden, hotel, villa, restaurant!


On the market there are have similar furniture but none of them has the qualities like the ones you see here. Are processed roots of some of the strongest trees: oak (Quercus), beech (Fagus), hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), ash (Fraxinus ornus) and Ash (Fraxinus). The difference is not only the construction but also the materials. Using branches from trees and other wood parts `is a common practice. Which leads to low quality and unhealthy product which can not be repeated.View more technology.We offer delivery across Europe, Bulgaria, also with the possibility to Russia and the service is paid by the buyer, we guarantee the goodness condition of the product.

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Wooden furniture made ​​from roots

In making their stuff Denislav Kirilov used only massive roots! Quality that is unsurpassed and design that is unique! Read more +

Production of wooden furniture from roots

Producing unique, solid wooden furniture made of roots Read more +

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Unique: - can never be repeat a pattern Technology: - Special techniques which, eternity of products. Good protection: - Our works are ... Read more +

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A period of second decade from created in nature tree roots Denislav Kirilov and his team sculpt and shape up, unique products. With them, many people decorate their yards, mansions, homes and restaurants. From naturally beautiful roots of trees, having bizarre and unique forms, he creates inimitable of its kind all furniture, incredibly beautiful flower stand and sculptures. They have become part of many a home, terrace and veranda. Responds to the desire of each client for comfort and beauty. All pieces of products are made by hand. +359890444481 +447990330885